Making Money Secrets: How I Finally Learned to Attract Money

March 15th, 2010

I was your standard corporate office worker.  I went to my job 40+ hours a week, did my job and went home.  I was good at my job, but not terribly happy.  I was tired of being overworked and underpaid.  I wanted to make more money and have more flexibility at the same time so I started searching for making money secrets on the Internet.  (Click here to see what finally worked for me.)


I started my making money adventures in real estate.  I bought several courses and worked to implement them, but they didn’t work.  Then I tried money making secrets for the freelance writing niche.  I did make some money writing, but not nearly enough to quit my day job.  Next I bought numerous courses on how to make money on the Internet and decided to try my hand at Ecommerce.  After a year of trying to make easy money online I still was not breaking even.  I was definitely frustrated.


Then an acquaintance told me about the movie The Secret and I watched it.  To say, I didn’t understand the movie’s message is an understatement.  But, I was curious.  What was this Law of Attraction and how did it help people create ideas for making money?  I read a few books like, Think and Grow Rich, and bought a few more courses, but none of it was really hitting home.  I definitely was not learning any secrets to making money. 


Then one day I found this book and audio series that changed my life.  I finally started to understand what I was doing wrong and why I was not making extra money despite my efforts.  Suddenly things started to turn around.  First small checks would show up unexpectedly in the mail.  I got a $100 rebate from my car insurance then over $200 in a property tax rebate.  Then a family member offered to pay for day care for a month on a whim.  I was starting to see that the secrets of making money had nothing to do with the what, but more the how and why.  Next something truly amazing happened. My husband and I got over a $20,000 tax refund!  Now that was amazing.  I also even got an unexpected and unrequested raise at my corporate job.  Then my online efforts started to turn a profit and my husband’s business also started to take off.  All of this was because of that one last course that I bought.  I had finally found why none of the other money making secrets had worked at all.  I was now on my way to financial freedom and flexibility for me and my family.   


Secrets to Making Money: The Law of Attraction

March 9th, 2010

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction?  Have you seen the movie The Secret?  When I first saw The Secret I didn’t get it.  It seemed crazy to me that the big making money secrets were wrapped up in some philosophy that has been around for centuries.  I half heartedly decided to look into it a little more though.  What I started to realize was that the people in The Secret seemed to know the secrets of making money at least for themselves. (Click here to learn from them how to make money quickly.)


First there was Jack Canfield.  He has sold hundreds of millions of copies of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  Whether you like the books or not, there is no denying that creating and selling so many of these books is quite an accomplishment.  He seemed to know some money making secrets I did not.


Then there was Michael Beckwith- someone I’d never heard of before.  I researched him and discovered that he founded his own ministry- Agape International Spiritual Center- with several thousand members.  Plus he is a best selling author himself.  He also seemed to know more than me about making extra money.


And then there was Bob Proctor, someone else I’d never heard of.  It turned out that this man had made many millions of dollars simply by teaching people secrets of money making.  He essentially teaches others that all true making money secrets come from using the Law of Attraction. 


I had to admit that it was hard to argue with success.  All three of these men were saying that they made money by using the Law of Attraction.  I still wasn’t completely sold on the idea, but decided to do more research before I tried anymore products that promised easy money online.  What I discovered truly changed my life- it really does work!  Click here to learn the secrets to making money that I finally learned.


Making Money Secrets: How to Make Your Financial Dreams Come True

March 9th, 2010

My first money making secret is that there is no set blueprint for how to make money on the Internet, how to use adwords secrets, or how to make money on ebay using the latest ebay secrets.  The truth of the matter is that no simple book listing ideas for making money is going to help you reach your financial goals unless you learn how to change your thinking and the way you approach money.  The vast majority of the money making products available have worked for some people, but not for most.  Have you ever wondered why some people succeed using these tools, but most never seem to successfully implement the secrets of making money that the products promote?  What do the people who succeed understand that most do not?  They understand that the most important of all making money secrets is mindset.  Without a proper mindset you will never make easy money online or anywhere else for that matter. Click here to learn how to develop the proper mindset.


The purpose of this website is to help people who are searching for ways to increase their income by teaching them the fundamental secrets to making money.  These money making secrets hold true no matter what field you are in. Whether you are interested in making extra money or want to replace your current income this website will give you tools for the true secrets of money making.  Click here to learn more about these tools.